We’re on our way to becoming parents but we’re being met with some pretty big obstacles! Some friends and family have acted on our behalf and gathered together to help raise funds for us to pay for the expensive procedures we are facing ahead of us if we hope to become parents to our own children.

In this video, we explain where we are in our efforts to turn our family of 2 into at least a family of 3. Drs have suggested that our best chances of making that happen are with a procedure called “In Vitro Fertilization” or “IVF” for short, which is a highly effective, but, also, highly expensive procedure. It’s not likely we’ll have children without help from a Dr and this video explains why they say that is. Thanks for watching! Please “like” and share this video with your friends. Every little bit helps!

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­čĺ▓Gofundme link­čĺ▓ https://www.gofundme.com/pkuu7-let039s-make-a-baby